Our products are: Vegan, Cruelty-free
Made in the United Kingdom

Functional Probiotic

Expert-formulated synbiotic (prebiotic + probiotic), introduces daily beneficial environmental bacteria into our gut microbiome, the backbone of our health.

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  • Science

    We are probiotic experts, developing unique solutions using the latest in bacterial research. We observe the highest international standards, testing practices, and transparency principles.

  • Solutions

    We formulate our products to get targeted results. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its performance, using a strain-specific approach to deliver health benefits beyond the gut.

  • Sustainability

    We believe in looking after our planet, from our 100% recyclable packaging, to our cruelty-free vegan ingredients. We’re always striving to do better.

Humankind used to live in harmony with our environment: exposure to nature’s beneficial bacteria nourished and protected us.

Our probiotic solutions are scientifically formulated to restore the world within you.

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