Our body is a collective home to 38 trillion microordanisms. makind up our microbiome

with increasing scientific evidence, linking the balance and microbial diversity of our microbiome to the role of our health and wellbeing.

Let Nature Nurture

Bacillus spores have naturally existed in our ecosystem for over 250 million years. Nature designed these beneficial microbes to be our foundational daily supplement.

Our modern tendency to sanitise and sterilise every inch of our lives, however, has dramatically reduced our exposure to this good environmental bacteria.  As a result, our microbiome has become less diverse, with common ailments popping up in the last 50 years, such as IBS, allergies, food intolerances, weakened immune systems.

This disconnection from nature may be affecting our health and wellbeing more than we realise.

We are 45% Human, 55% Bacteria.

The human body is an ecosostem made up of microorganisms - both

To make any difference to your health, beneficial bacteria have to be alive when they reach your gut.

The digestive system is a treacherous place but our Bacillus spores are tough and resilient, successfully making their journey to deliver active bacteria exactly where they are needed.

  • Alive

    Bacillus spores have a like seeds structure, alive yet dormant in a protective shell. 

  • Survive

    Naturally shielding it from heat, light, moisture and harsh conditions of stomach acid.

  • Arrive

    Arriving in your gut alive, the spore now hatches, quickly adapting to its new environment.

  • Thrive

    The beneficial bacteria activate and multiply, delivering significant benefits straight into our gut.

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  • Advantages of Spore probiotic


    ✅ Resilient to environmental stressors, such as light, moisture and oxygen.

    ✅ Heat stable. No refrigeration needed.

    ✅ Survives digestion. Spore's protective shell guards against stomach acid and bile, arriving in the gut 100% alive.

    ✅ Ensures potency and viability through manufacturing, transit and shelf life.

    ✅ The Resident population of Bacillus spores in the gut 500 million. Therefore supplementing 10 billion CFU dose is at least 20x greater and stimulate a strong biological response.

  • Lamination of Lactic-Acid Probiotic

    (Lactobacillus / Bifidobacterium)
    ❌ Sensitive to heat

    ❌ Looses viability at room temperature

    ❌ Doest not survive acidic conditions of the stomach. In studies L. acidophilus shows a rapid decline in viability at pH 2.0 (the stomach's pH is even lower (1.5 pH),

    ❌ Only guaranteeing amount of CFU at the time of manufacturing. Loose viability by 10-15% per month.

    ❌ We naturally have trillions of Lactobacillus bacteria in our upper intestine. Adding a few billion of CFU will not create diversity in gut microflora.